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Monday, April 9, 2012

Writing; Author's Purpose

We practiced Arthur's Purpose in writing today. I wrote on the board the 3 different reasons authors write. I placed a different colored sticky note next to each category. Students quickly provided me with topics that could go under each category.
Afterwards, students received on of the different colored sticky notes. They were to write one of the purposes for writing based on the color that matched the category on the board.

Topics under each category.

Students wrote in their journals and placed their sticky note on the top.

I love this one--- Come try our new samwich! 
Gotta love kids!!!!

After their paragraphs were complete some students shared their topic and the rest had to guess if the author's purpose was to entertain, persuade, or inform. Then we expanded the conversation by providing evidence of phrases or key words that helped us decide in was one of the categories. 
Great Assignment

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