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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Plans for Our New School

Sorry! I haven't updated my blog in forever. I have been so busy with end of the year fieldtrips and the many activities that my own children are involved in at the moment. It's been a busy time for me.

Incase you didn't know---a bond election was passed here at my district. We have a wonderful superintendent that really helped to make this possible. She is so knowledgeable. My principal also worked with the superintendent as part of her internship for her doctrine in education. As for me, I'm proud to say that I did have a part in this event. During the time of the bond election, I was doing my internship for my masters degree. The staff and I were responsible for "Community Night" honoring the history of our building. We also had a booth for parents to obtain a voters registration card if they wanted to vote. Another important event that was set up -- Cinco De Mayo Festival---  the family and community could come for entertainment and vote for the bond election. I will never forget this experience.

I went to school as a child on this campus. It saddens me to know that the building will eventually be destroyed. I have so many enjoyable moments on this campus as a child and adult. (Tear..tear) : (
Jefferson will always be apart of me.

I would like to share my events with you as preparations are made for our upcoming building. A portable has arrived today to house our fourth graders for next year. The back wing of our building will be taken out so that they can begin construction, therefore portables will have to be supplied to house the students for the 2012-2013 school year.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

OUCH Writing Assignment

OUCH! This is a great writing assignment my students in first period are working on. My second period class is still trying to wrap up the watermelon small moment of being "Afraid". They selected 3 small moments about ouchies. After team discussion- the students narrowed it down to the best ouchie story. I provided you pics of our wonderful work so far...

You can download the coverpage at the following address

You can download this printable at the following address