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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Enemy Pie

My students are so excited about reading "Enemy Pie" tomorrow.  I heard one student say that he couldn't wait until "2nd Period" tomorrow. Awe! That makes me smile...... I'm sharing an example of what the students caught a glimpse of this afternoon. 

The pie is suppose to resemble the one in the book. 

Students will glue the "Story Elements" on the opposite side of the cute design.
I created two more additional questions. The front question ----What was the Author's Hidden Message?
I also provided the question ---How would you have solved the problem. I want my students to think of different ideas to solving a problem. I have additional activities to come......keep posted!!

Examples...The Students Loved IT!

Next, thing on the agenda is for the students to practice sequencing the events and writing another summary. Our weakest objective is that darn "Summary"! It's definitively a toughie for my kiddos.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Bad Case Of Stripes

I have created some activities that I would like to share with you. I did some searching and found some information on Read*Write*Think. I took one of their ideas and added my own touch to the concept. You can view the completed document below. Sorry I don't have a picture of it but it's on scribd.

After we read "A Bad Case of Stripes" students will collaborate as a group and rotate tables with chart paper. Each table will have a basket with a pair of scissors, glue, and three markers. Each table will also have a file folder that provides the question bubble. Students will cut, glue, and complete the answer as a group. Then within 10 mins rotate to the next table.

Example of Questions

Chart paper with glued questions.

Question Bubbles on scribd.

Students made a graphic organizer to display the story elements of the story. They also displayed how the character changed from Beginning to End.

Medicine Bottle
Summary on the outside
Cause & Effect on the inside
I had seen some cute examples of how to create the Medicine bottle, but I knew that my lesson had to be geared towards the objective for the day so I created this document. I really like how it turned out. The document is also on scribd

Student Work!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Prefix Tree

My kiddos have been learning about prefixes. Prefixes are highly important for students to learn because they help students to uncover new words and make meaning of them. This morning my students were provided with various resources to use as they searched for words with the prefixes (un, dis, and re).

Each student drew three trees within their reading journal. I requested them to find 2 examples of each prefix ( un, dis, re) and to provide the meaning of the word on sticky notes.
unequal = not equal
They had a lot of fun!

All of my peeps placed their words on the board. They were to share only one example to the class.

Students provided examples in their reading journal. They could come to the board or chat with their group about the words they had found and selected.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Visit this website http://theinspiredapple.blogspot.com/. This lady is so darn creative. I admire her so much.
Below are the pictures that I pasted onto my blog to share with you. At her blog you can download them for free. Enjoy!!!

HOW CUTE IS THIS!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Objective for the Week: Inference

This week I have many neat activities planned to reinforce a highly tested objective known as (Inference) or (Inferring).  The Texas State Assessment has moved towards higher order thinking questions which is a concept that is very low for many students.

I found many cute activities on PINTEREST regarding the book "NO DAVID". I had my doubts concerning this book, but I quickly came up with some activities that would meet the needs of my third graders and enhance their skills.

I designed David on the chart paper and listed all the things that he did in the book.
The class will read the chart before viewing the book.

Next, students will have an opportunity to discuss and converse with members in their group about what kind of person they think David is based on the information on the chart. 

Students will grab some post its and write down characteristics and adjectives that describe David.
Sticky notes will surround the chart paper above.

After the book has been introduced, students will be given a an activity chart where they will utilize their inferring skills based on schema and evidence in the book. The link of the chart is provided below.

 Using Comic Strips

Example of the Cartoon Comics

I downloaded comic strips from this blog site. The lady was so sweet to provide teachers with both the original comic strips and comic strips with blanks for the students to use. My third graders will be doing this activity on Tuesday. I know they will like it!

Inference Cards

Here is another idea to incorporate within your lessons when you are working on the objective Inference.
Arrange your students into pairs. High /Average   Average/Low
Brown envelopes will be provided on each table with inference cards inside. Students will be required to go to each table and complete four inference cards with their partner. Partners are only there to assist not to give the answers. (I will be providing students with a copy of an activity sheet where they place the number of the inference card, the answer, and their reasoning for picking their answer) As soon as I make the template I will provide you with the link to get it from scribd.

Here is the template that students will receive at each table to record their answers and provide evidence.

I hope these activities come in handy! I would love suggestions or new ideas. You can add a comment or email me at dray3535@yahoo.com

Friday, January 20, 2012

Marzano Thinking Clouds

 Marzano Bubbles on sticks to use during Guided Reading!!!

These thinking clouds are essential to laying the foundation for higher order thinking.
I'm a member of Pro-Teacher Community. You can go to their web-site and sign up for free.
After you are a member go to the google search on their page and type in Marzano Thinking Clouds. There you will find the copies that you can download for free. I have been searching and searching for these patterns---TAAA DAAAA I found them. I hope this helps you.

If you teach at higher grade levels you could use the same questions but put them on something else.
Here is a couple of suggestions.

You can find a JEOPARDY TEMPLATE on line for free, The topics on the top of the Jeopardy Board can be arranged according to MARZANO'S Question Categories. I actually used a Jeopardy Template at the beginning of the year when we were learning Genres. The students loved interacting and playing the game.

This is another great way to incorporate student engagement with the use of higher order thinking skills after reading a story. I purchased the Eggspert that you see below at Educational Outfitters. Now, they have the wireless Eggspert which would make it more mobile for students.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Today was one of those days that I asked myself "What more can I do as a teacher to get these students ready for the real world and the upcoming state achievement test STAAR". I received my answer through PINTEREST. To all the teachers ---remember to keep your spirits high even through difficult times----know that you are giving all you can to perform so many miracles.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Book Reports

I can't believe that third graders are now required to write BOOK REPORTS! I don't remember writing my first book report till 5th grade. My poor babies! Well, I knew I had to make this assignment interesting so I created a flow chart that students will follow in order to successfully complete their project. I have attached the flow chart below. I will also provide pictures of some of the steps that we have finished as of today. My students are doing research on animals. They were thrilled about choosing the animals that interest them.
Flow Chart

Here is a sample of one of the pages of the flow chart. I really extended this project because I wanted students to utilize their higher order thinking skills, identify text features, develop graphic organizers, become familiar with new vocabulary, communicate, and share their ideas. Page two of the flow chart begins the basics of the report. Page 3 extends  report as  students develop creative ways to display their information learned.

The students color in the objects on the flow chart as they complete the assignment.

Students can not open the non-fiction animal book until predictions are made regarding what they think they will  learn from the text.

Next, student's have to list what they hope they will learn from the text. I told students to think of their burning questions that they would like answered. You will see this step again when students actually begin the writing process.

After, completing the two assignments above students collaborated with their partner and located text features. I actually have this poster hanging up in my room. I love it! I think I got it from really good stuff. I will check and let you know.

Finally, students chose 4 new interesting words they learned and wrote the meaning of the word from the glossary. They all shared one new word.

Students created a bubble map to list important topics within the text. They extended it and also placed important facts under the topic.

Book Report Ideas Collected from PINTEREST! CUTE