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Monday, April 23, 2012


This is my 3rd post in one day! Wow! I've got so much energy right now I will never get to bed tonight. I quickly wanted to share the bags that I put together for my students for their Wednesday Reading STAAR Test. I knew tomorrow I would be busy with cheer registration for my daughter and there would be no time to put these things together with the goodies inside-therefore-I prepared the bags  tonight. Hey! When you have  kids you have to utilize your time wisely so that's what I did. Below are my bags. Hopefully my son will keep his hands off the bags. The last time I had smarties for my students he ate half the bag the night before. The next day I told my students what had happened and they insisted that I tell him they were very disappointed with him. LOL They crack me up! Here it is....

If you have been following my blog you will notice that the bags go with the Reading Boot Camp theme that my students participated in before this big day.

I provided two chocolate chip cookies inside the bag for each student. I didn't want to load them up with a bunch of goodies because they would whine to go to the bathroom during the test. I'm not having that happen!!!!

I had extra stickers left over from the STAAR Game boards so I  used them on the bags. They turned out really cute! If you haven't seen my Reading Boot Camp and STAAR Game Boards you can find them under April and maybe March!

My favorite bag!! 

All the bags loaded up for tomorrow although the students will not receive the goodies until Wednesday for the Reading portion of the STAAR!

I bought these cute crosses at Hobby Lobby for my team. We have all struggled this year with this group of students because they came to us so low. We really performed miracles getting them to where they are today. I wanted to show my appreciation and team spirit by giving them the cross that says believe. I believe in God and that he gives us the strength to endure the many obstacles that we face daily. I believe he will look over our students and bless them as they take the STAAR. Amen!

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