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Monday, April 23, 2012

Positive Notes to Students before the Test

I found some cards that correlated to our Reading Boot Camp Theme. I'm going to write a positive note inside the card for each of my students. I hope this will calm their nerves and let them know how special they are to me. These cards will be given to each of my 2 Reading Blocks on Tuesday before they leave for the day. The STAAR Reading Test is on Wednesday. I thought this was a neat idea and wanted to share with you. I think the students will look forward to recieving words of encouragement from their teacher.

These cards can be purchased at Hobby Lobby for around seven dollars. You recieve 50 cards!

I think I'm getting N-E-R-V-O-U-S too because this is the second blog post for the day. My nails will be bitten off by tomorrow.

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