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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Polka-Dot Wednesday April 18th

Wow! It's that time again for Polka-Dot Wednesday! I hope the picks of the week have helped you in designing creative lessons for your students. There are so many talented teachers that are so kind to share their ideas. When teachers collaborate and share together they enhance student performance. Our goal as teachers is to ensure every student is successful.

Let's Do It Hollywood Stars !!!!!

Teach 123

Literacy Study
This is a great blog to get some new ideas for how you might want to plan your literacy groups next year. I'm definitely going to implement some of these great ideas that would work in a collaborative group setting. 

The Lesson Plan Diva


Persuasive Writing Assignment

I adore this cute activity that the author of "The Lesson Plan Diva" created for her students. The students are to develop good reasons for why the teacher should purchase ice cream for them. Next, they have to also create adjectives to describe the ice cream. The students are to use the adjectives within their persuasive letter. This would be a great activity to incorporate within your May Lesson Plans. 

Peacocks and Penguins

Outlaw Words

I've seen a bunch of cute ideas floating around pinterest targeting the idea to get rid of repeated lame words. I spotted "Outlaw Words" and thought it was unique. 

Below is a sign that is propped on the board as a reminder to why outlaw words should go to jail..

This blog http://www.classroomfreebies.com/ provides you with a free download for "WANTED"  that goes along with the theme to the "OUTLAWED WORDS". Thought I would share.

The Go To Teacher

Inquiry Learning Student Learning Sheets

I like the idea of Inquiry Learning because it stimulates the students to dig deeper into their learning. The creator of this blog has provided some free downloads. Go to her web for nine organizers to help guide student thinking. 

Ms. Winston's Blog

Testing Treats

Ms. Winston has designed cute little labels for students as they gear up for state testing. I thought this would be an awesome idea to share since most states are currently testing their students at this time. She has a free download. Great tool to motivate students.

I  hope you were able to select some new things from Polka-Dot Wednesday--C you next time.

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