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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It's Time Again for Polka-Dot Wednesday 25th

Wow! Did the week fly by or what? This week I selected some neat activities and ideas that you might be inspired to implement this year or the 2012-2013 school year. So lets begin with Polka-Dot Wednesday!

This year I had tons of problems getting students to do their spelling homework. Next year my goal is for the students to have more time to practice the spelling words at school. I found this fantastic idea from Dragon Flies in First Blog Spot. Check the picture out below!


Students write their spelling words 5 times. I'm thinking about increasing the size of the iphone and placing it in a sheet protector so the students can write with the erasable markers. Another idea would be to laminate them according to the size they are and use the erasable markers. 

from the blog site 

The creator of this blog used the game Uno in an effective way to teach students their sight words. If you visit her blog you can download this neat Uno Game for FREE! I thought this would be ideal for the primary grade levels, however, you can adjust the game to fit any grade level.

Mrs. Hall Fabulous in Fourth 

This is another Paint Chip Idea! I've been very tempted to go into Lowes to see if they would provide me with some free paint chip cards. I have a reason now. I love Mrs. Hall's idea. She has the kids write the name of their book down after they have read the book. Then she punches it out with a cute design. Although, I love this idea-I thought it would also be perfect for AR. The students could write the name of their book and after the test write their score. They could also use it for a bookmark.

Two Can Do It Blog

This is called Break the Code to Enter! CUTE!
Students are to slap each hand and call out the sight word as they enter. This is a great tool to get little ones to learn their sight words. They see the word, slap the word, and call out the word. They are using 3 different learning styles in one bang!

The Teacher Geek

I Spy with my Googly Eye

All you have to do is purchase a bag of googly eyes and a tongue depressor sized craft stick. Hot glue it on and you have a googly eye. This is a great tool for students to use as they read. It helps them follow a long with the print. I'm thinking about using this neat little device next year. 

Well C U Next TIME

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