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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Preparing for Tuesday Reading Boot Camp

Today, I started preparing for Tuesday Reading Boot Camp. Tuesday Reading Boot Camp is geared towards getting the students motivated for the upcoming STAAR State Assessment. The Boot Camp gives my 3rd graders the opportunity to practice the objectives that they have learned throughout the year.

Before, we start the stations in the morning we will actually be outside practicing the following skills: Synonyms, Antonyms, Prefixes, Suffix, etc... My students will  be competing against another 3rd grade class. My intent is to have activities that keep the students physically moving. I will provide you with more details about these events when I have them totally figured out. LOL

After students finish the first part of the Reading Boot Camp they will come inside and travel to each station with a partner. They will read a short text and answer 6 questions.  Points will be tallied and students will collect colored beads to place on there wrist band. I will have more details about how this will be organized soon.

Paper Glued On
I didn't glue the colored paper on the board.

Station Names 

Station Names
The questions will be glued onto the colored card stock paper and will be laminated. I will place the small Velcro Stickies on to the board. Then the reverse side of the Velcro Sticky will go on the small card stock question. I will change the questions out each week and place Velcro on the back.

Finished Product

Finished Product


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  1. I love this! where did you find your questions for each skill?