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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Collection of Valentine Ideas

Collection of Valentine Day Activities

  • You can go to this website where it provides a timeline of the history of Sweethearts.

  •  Video on the How Sweethearts are made!  STUDENTS WILL LOVE THIS

  • After watching how sweethearts are made, students could write  their own REVIEW about their personal opinion about the Sweethearts Candy and Video Clip. How many STARS will you give the REVIEW

  • Students can also create their own Sweethearts Advertisement using Facts and Opinions. 

  • Place words from the Sweethearts in ABC Order

  • Students take three Sweethearts at a time and create a sentence using the words. 

The activities above were created by me. The activities below were found by many sources. Each activity provides you with the founder and blogsite that you can go to in order to retrieve the materials.   These teachers are all very talented teachers.

Inferring! I'm so doing this activity. Thanks to Sarah for sharing this on PINTEREST! Stations are set up around the room.  Valentine Gift Clues are glued to a paper bag for students to infer what may be in the bag.

Go to web page to download all the freebie material.

Great Way to Kick Valentine Day's Off with a Free Homework Pass. This document is created by Elizabeth Supan: You must go to her site to download her freebie! She is Amazing. 

This lady has some Great Ideas for Valentines. I love her Valentines Activities

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