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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Polka-Dot Wednesday March 11

I want to say "Thank You So Much" for those of you who follow me each week on Polka-Dot Wednesday. 

Picks of the Week

Sight Word Fluency 
Finally in First Blog

This is a really neat idea! It motivates the students to try to do their absolute best learning their Sight Words. I would have used this idea when I taught first grade. It's also a great tool for RTI students and students that are low readers in the upper grades. I believe she might have a free download.

Life in 4b

The creator of this blog offers suggestions of what to place in "Thoughtful Logs". I'm considering doing this next year if I'm still teaching 3rd grade. I would most likely set mine up as the following- Making Connections, Genre Learning,and Author's Purpose. Visit her blog to get some great ideas how she utilizes this tool within her classroom.

Schroederpage Blog

Wow this chick is creative!!
She allows her students to select a pop before they take a 
"Pop Quiz". Link on to her blog and find out all the details.
She offers a free download that looks like the picture below.

Classroom Freebies

I'm a huge advocate for A.R. When I saw this freebie -I was on it!!
Read more about her new design and how she incorporates it within her classroom. Again, I plan on using this neat gadget in the future.
I would modify it to the following- "Their level of comprehension for the week and points"
Example: 5 points with 80% comprehension rate. 

The Overworked Supermom

What a great way to tell your team "U Love Them" and for them to "Enjoy the Summer". I thought this was really a neat idea. The creator provides you with examples of items you can place in the the drink dispenser. These containers can be found at Wally World (Walmart)

I hope you enjoyed the Picks of the Week : )

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