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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Reading Boot Camp Continued

This morning after taking Bentley on a walk, I went up to my school to complete some of the Reading Boot Camp material that needs to be finished by Tuesday. Yikes! I've been procrastinating- Shame on ME! Below I've provided you with pictures according to how this boot camp is going to work!  

The envelopes are going to ensure that all the student's paper work remains safe.
I have this awful tendency to lose a lot of things. Just ask my peeps!

This paper is attached to the envelope on the back.
I will keep track of their scores and beads using this tracking system.
The sheet is arranged according to Week 1-Week 5. 
My student's names are hidden behind the blue sheet.
Students will be traveling to six different stations with a partner.
There are six questions at each station. 
The passages are only one page. 

This sheet of paper  has been folded in half. Hot-dog style.
The front of the page provides the students with information about the Boot Camp scoring
and bead counts.They accumulate beads according to what their final score is for each Tuesday.
The portion of the score sheet that has boxes will be used by the students so they can color in the amount and color of beads they received at the end of the week. Scores will be provided at the end of the week.
The final score determines the amount of  beads they will get. 
Example: Score 88 - the student will receive 2 blue beads for WEEK 1. 
The student will color in two blue boxes representing how many he/she
has at that time.

When students open the folded paper they have 
a place where they can write the answer down.
On the back of the sheet --I included Week 5.

This is the assortment of colors I used for them to record
their answers and color in their beads.

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