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Monday, March 26, 2012

A Dog Called Kitty

This week both my Reading Classes will begin a literature study on "A Dog Called Kitty". I absolutely love this book. Every year we read this book and the students fall in love with it. 

Before we started the unit, I put together some booklets for my students. I made a copy of the book cover- yes I did-then pasted it to the booklet. The booklet has about 20 pages all together. All students receive a copy of the book as we read the story. As we read we do many activities to keep our engagement intact. Below I have some pictures of what we completed today. We focused on Predictions, Mental Images, and Descriptive Words.


  1. I want to do a unit on this book with my class! Do you have a copy of your booklet that you wouldn't mind sharing?

  2. Can you give more details about this book activity? Or maybe put a copy or more pics online? I love this idea and I am using it with my students. I just need more info about different activities done. Thank you!