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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Text Features

  My sweet third graders took their Benchmark on Wednesday. They did incredibly well and I'm so proud of them little stinkers. I can't believe how much they have grown academically. 
  As I reviewed the data from the benchmarks, I decided maybe it was time to revisit "Text Features" and their general purpose. If you view the picture below, there are text feature boxes glued onto a file folder. I found the text feature boxes on scholastic.  Students cut, glued, and wrote extra information around some of the Text Features boxes. The following concepts were glued onto the file folder--- Heading, Subheading, Title, Table of Contents, Index, Map, Glossary, Diagram, Charts, Graphs, Time-lines, and Captions. All the Text Feature boxes had visual images for the students to view. After  reviewing these concepts, students were given an independent activity sheet to use with their "New Text Feature File Folder". We are going to store these folders in our desks so we can review it periodically.

The independent activity sheet consists of the following;
Define certain "Text Features"
Use the glossary to look up oasis
Color Texas Blue on the map
Color certain parts of the shark from the diagram
Identify information on a pictograph
In the Glossary --what is topic two
Use the index to find the pages for Celebration
Draw a picture in the box and add a caption

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