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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cute Easter Eggs

I went to Walmart and purchased four bags of these cute animal print eggs. I just had to share the pictures of the eggs because they are so darn cute! I think I might go back and buy some more before they are all gone. Theses eggs can be used for so many activities. This week I plan on using the eggs for the following- inferencing, and synonym & antonym review. 


Today my kiddos did a Inference Hunt! We had to set up inside because last night the weather was bad. The ground was still real wet.They read inferencing cards and selected the best answer for the scenerio.  I have provided pictures below.

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  1. I liked your egg post. We did something similar with our 3rd grade students. We put words, math problems, and answers on the outside of the eggs and hid them. The students had to find the words and their matching antonymn, or synonym
    ( depending on the egg) or they had to find matching math eggs ( one egg had the problem, the other had the solution). Kids had a blast. We will definitely use this next year