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Friday, March 9, 2012

Freaky Friday Quote Day


"Chaos” within an organization can occur due to individuals fearing the unknown, experiencing uncertainty of the future, or resistance to the evolution of innovation. In order for any organization to transform their environment or adapt to a new philosophy, phases will occur where individuals grasp tightly to their own beliefs, traditions, and ways of thinking.  These “old ways of thinking” stir a chaotic pit which creates an environment full of animosity and negativity. One may ask, “Why an organization would react apprehensively towards new ideas?”  The answer to this question would be “Fear of Change”. 

There are many school communities that are experiencing “Chaos” within their own organization. The chaos is the result of the massive educational changes that are occurring in many grade levels. The primary and upper grade levels are under more pressure now to boost student performance because of the NCLB Policies and Assessments.  Again, there are individuals within the organization that will resist the change, continue to fear the unknown, or feel insecure about learning new material. As leaders and administrators, it’s imperative to assist these individuals experiencing these feelings. It’s much easier to take on change working together than one dictating from a podium.  Remember that although “Change” creates “Chaos” ---our goal is to work collaboratively in order to expand our thinking while taking on new innovations and allowing the process of change to happen naturally.  

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