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Friday, March 2, 2012

Freaky Friday Quote Day

Wow! What some powerful words the image above describes about teachers. I recognized the word "Facilitator" as being the number one quality trait represented on the quote. The term "Facilitator" is a common word that  has taken new meaning within the educational field. The traditional method of instruction from previous years represented teachers direct teaching and students listening. Today more districts, schools, and teachers are moving towards the teacher being the "Facilitator". As a facilitator the teacher becomes a "Spring Board" or a "Guide" as students engage in collaborative learning that captures their attention and interest. When teachers act as facilitators the students have the opportunity to think for themselves, form their own opinions, change their way of  thinking, recognize differences, and communicate on a more knowledgeable level. All of these components listed above are the higher order thinking skills necessary for  careers, relationships, and life events.  Our students educational needs are changing ---our teaching strategies will also have to change in order to ensure that our children grow up to be educated individuals that can "Think", "Problem Solve" and "Communicate Effectively".  

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