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Monday, February 27, 2012


Wow! was I in for a SURPRIZE when I noticed my students were not  very familiar with the main characteristics of Magazines, Newspapers, etc..... I thought that we had reviewed this concept enough with the different activities we do during the year using these tools. I was dumbfounded on Friday when many students missed the following question on a practice assessment ---- "Which of the items listed below would be the BEST tool to use for locating a missing dog?" GRRRRRR.... How could half the class get this easy question wrong. Soo in order to ensure that everyone becomes familiar with different reading materials, we will take a walk down memory lane to review these concepts. Each day students will recieve a small paper that represents the periodocal. We will glue the pictures in our journal and then write the characteristics.  I'm aware that a Flyer may not be considered a  periodical but we are going to review this tool as well.

This is my baby Bentley! 
He  reminded me of the kids on Friday----Confused!

Newspaper Characteristics in Journal

Flyer Characteristics in Journal

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