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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Main Idea

My students have been struggling with Main Idea. This objective was one of weakest concepts on our District Benchmark. Today, we finally made a break through and I think I can breath again. Students worked with partners and rotated around the room reading short passages in order to identify the Main Idea. They were required to make (tables/graphic organizers) as they wrote the main idea and supporting details. Thank Goodness!! We are making headway. I have provided examples of the charts I created and samples of their work. Both my ELA blocks work so good collaboratively. The more they converse with their peers their learning improves. Also, both groups are very fidgety so tt helps to keep them moving around the room.

Main Idea Table 
Main Idea Graphic Organizer

Typical Question 
Main Idea Supporting Details

Main Idea Graphic Organizer

Example of Student's work using
Example of Student's work
using Graphic

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